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The artistic expression of California-born artist and teacher, Jack Rutherford, falls into many categories; categories that often overlap and blend, yet creating a rich variety within unity, all of which this 'of course' demands a mastery of a full range of techniques and mediums from oils, acrylics, watercolors, printmaking, sculpture and graphics. He speaks of the elements of art as one would of physics: line, values, texture etc- the building blocks of the visual arts. Form and content are integral to his themes - themes that he feels are derived from being poised at a point between the world of physical phenomenon and the infinite inner world. One discovers figures, portraits, interiors, landscapes, concepts, myths, the spiritual, individualism, alchemy, shamanism, fantasy, the erotic, the esorteric, prophetic and pschological insights, midwifed by imagination and all enriched by the studies of history, the sister arts of music and poetry and the careful study of natural forms and designs from botany to molecules.

If motive qualifies acts and purposes, then Rutherford's uniqueness lies in this area. His creativity and his experience of life are the means and end together. He doesn't seek a formula, fame, economic success or a legacy. If anything, he feels that following his purpose as an artist is an alchemical process and creation of the Self is his goal. As is expressed in 'The Zen of Archery', the marksman aims at himself hoping to succeed in hitting ones Self or self realisation.

Rutherford also feels that the artist is no mere mirror of his age but at his best , the truest prophet, seeing and expressing on a deeper level. His role as an artist is dual in so much that he considers 'teaching' an integral part of his purpose. To this end he has developed and presented classes, workshops and directed his school A Arts & Growth Center for many years in southern Spain. He now lives and works in the Alpujarras (Granada), Spain and continues to exhibit in Europe, Mexico and the U.S.A.

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