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JACK RUTHERFORD - Artist and Teacher
First birth 11 May 1931, California U.S.A.
My re-birth was when I discovered my purpose as an artist. It was at the age of 11 when I commenced art classes with an eminent watercolorist Mr Walline,(President of the American Watercolor Society) and where I first fell in love with the smells and paraphernalia of an artist's studio. There followed some years of sporadic and isolated efforts that escaped being suffocated by school, social demand, military service, marriage and a growing family as well as involvement in my father's oil company. Around the age of 23 the ‘ art need' won out in a "road to Damascus" manner and I began to study primarily with Austrian born, Karl Seethaler, Director of Long Beach Academy of Art in California; it was he who fostered much of my artistic growth. These years of study were followed by my uncompromising decision to dedicate all my energies to my purpose as an artist and as a result of this decision I sold up my home and with my wife and four sons fled to Mexico to lead the life of a vocational artist. From that ‘bridge-burning' time, I have never looked back though I soon discovered that the most difficult yet rewarding thing in life is do and be what one wants - to follow and develop ones true nature and individuality. To live and create from within.

I feel my non institutional, more individually orientated background has been responsible for a bolder and more experimental creative mode of expression, free of ‘isms', fads and the academia of institutions. My expression finds form both in art and my role as a lecturer and teacher of art. I have exhibited, lectured and taught extensively in the U.S. , Mexico and Europe.

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Artist and first family in San Blas, Mexico
After 27 years I shall presently be leaving my home ( a historical olive mill in the sierras in Andalucia, Spain.) where I have worked, taught and directed my art school "Arts and Growth Center" for 20 years as well as running my own art gallery. It's time for another birth!

Artist and present family