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*Atelier Finca el Cerrillo is my own gallery presented in a historical olive mill which has for 15 years offered a permanent collection of my work as well as a number of group shows with other local artists. The gallery has drawn sincere art lovers from around the world and has represented the primary venue for exposure and sales of my works.

EXHIBITION ACTIVITIES: As well as the credits listed above in the conventional manner (which is what people usually expect), I'm going to mention a more informal type of showing that I've carried on over the years and which I think have as much relevance as the more formal presentations. Most of these shows have been self- publicized and included showing out of an old converted school bus whilst crossing the U.S., an old Gold Mill and Stage Coach Posada in Mexico, a basement in Norfolk , Virginia, libraries, shopping malls (hanging on chain link fences), collector showings in private homes, hotel lobbies, restaurants, Spanish village fairs, beaches, rastros (Spanish flea-markets), banks and so forth. Often the individual exchange was more realistic and sometimes more poetic than more formal showings.

Exhibition in Germany