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My work as an artist is my dialogue with life as I experience the continual unfolding of the marvels and mysteries of existence. My art is the mediator between that phenomena and my consciousness. The Renaissance with its neo-platonic all embracing concept of the artist as universal is my ideal and I have pursued my studies with this ambitious model in mind. Hence I set no limits and don't specialize in any one facet of art such as landscape, portrait, figure etc., nor any one media or method, much less any ‘ism', fad or current form of Academia. I don't think of my art as exclusively subjective or objective but feel my place is at a point between the two worlds and respect them both through extensive study in all related art forms, i.e. music, poetry etc, as well as philosophy, religion, psychology, aesthetics and the sciences - all reconciled through my drawing which opens many of these doors and serves as the foundation for my creative expression. Inspiration for my art derives from many different sources, beyond simply visual, such as a simple breeze, a sound, a touch, a glance, a concept , a moral issue - all these along with my direct personal experiences of love, hate, angst or direct emotional states are all grist for my mill, gaining meaning and soul through expression.

I have often titled works as ‘soul states' to represent the essence of my primary feelings. It is infinite and exciting- challenging both for me as an artist and of course equally so for the viewers of my work.. I think contemporary modern art has one criteria beyond, of course, the assumed mastery in the way of skills, techniques or any particular style - that is the integrity of the independent artist, following his or her principles without compromise. This age has thrown out much but the integrity of the artist remains the final judge and lends content to the work of art. True art is for the elevation of the soul for those prepared to receive it. My purpose as an artist is to fulfill this need.