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Focus On Art
Art is a neglected branch of knowledge, e.g. emotional knowledge. Science and philosophy without art and religion have become destructive and have created an inhuman dichotomy now almost unsolvable. It is time to treat art with respect, not as a servant of vanity or as decoration or kicks, but as a means of deepening and enriching man's consciousness. We are not Pavlov's dog- art is not just a response to stimuli- we want more from a work of art, something that really creates a meaningful experience. With this in mind I am first showing my works individually on an easel with perhaps a short critique on major works, prior to hanging on walls. Hopefully this will open a door to the aesthetic experience, for the viewer and allow him or her to view the work without the distractions present at most art showings, where ones attention is fractured by the social and cocktail activity.

An ad for cigarettes is quick, a Rembrandt painting slower, to grasp rock music gets your attention but Bach or Bartok enrich you and keep your attention. A flirtation is fun for a moment, much like a fad but a love is demanding and ultimately more enriching.

(Exhibition October 12, 1968 - Rincon del Arte, Ajijic, Jalisco Mexico).



This show is a presentation of ‘Diversity and Experimentation', as opposed to (what has become a sterile bore), the neat packaged and more commercially accepted and orientated ‘series' showings now demanded by an elite public and market-place, orientated gallery world.
This social and commercial demand allows the artist little freedom but can bestow on an elite patronage the ability to dictate the tune and thus manicure and clip the wings of the creative genius, compelling him to conform to one formula. This may suit many artists who quite sincerely find full expression in one favourite formula, but this does not make it a virtue. Yet the chief criticism I have received about my work is directed against my versatility and innovation in medium, form and subject matter, which is not to be motivated by a desire for novelty but simply for free expression of my motives.
Modern art, life and man are passed the age of innocence; there is too great an awareness of man's past, of psychology and the vast complexity of the universe to settle into some comfortable niche. As an artist I find I am in movement, in obedience to my daimon,'seeking', and the last thing I wish for is a
crystallization to take place into some socially or commercially accepted form. I do seek a synthesis but not a homogenization or modulation. A synthesis arrived at through experimentation and freedom, not a conformity to the public or gallery world.
Underlying my work lies a style and unity which may be seen through its diversity by the perceptive viewer..... and that unity lies in the philosophical principles of the potential transformation of man.